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Inner Peace in a Violent Uncertain World

​Sunday 8th October 11am PDT – 2pm EDT – 7pm BST

With Dr. Vie & Henny

“A lot of us are very unhappy. That’s probably why it’s stressful.

That’s probably why we fight against each other. There’s chaos all over the world.

How can we be happy with ourselves?

If we are happy with ourselves we will project those positive energies to other people and make other people happy.

How can we find Inner Peace and eventually help other people to have their own inner peace and then the world will become a better place”?

At the end of the session Henny is going to take you through a series of Yoga Asana Postures so that you can reduce the stress in your body, tap into your inner spirit and feel peaceful inside, because when you are peaceful we can live peacefully.

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