Saturday 30th September ~ 12pm PDT – 3pm EDT - 8pm BST

The Secrets of Your Infinite Mind

What if you could learn nearly anything quickly and deeply — amazing yourself and others with the results?

​And what if you could access the creative genius of your “twin self” to manifest your goals and dreams — and increase your abundance?

​If this sounds like too-good-to-be-true science fiction, it’s time you were introduced to Burt Goldman and his remarkable teachings…

On Saturday 30th September, Burt will present Unlocking the Secrets of Your Infinite Mind: Access Parallel Dimensions for Rapid Learning, Healing & Unleashing Your Creative Genius. This FREE virtual event will begin to show you how you can acquire abilities and make creative leaps that you never thought possible…

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​Burt has spent the past 50 years showing the world and his students how to quickly expand their consciousness into parallel dimensions of being — to solve life’s challenges and learn and heal RAPIDLY.

During this FREE video event with him, you’ll discover:

​     * How to unlock your innate ability to access parallel dimensions and learn from your “twin” self

     * ​The secrets to learning any skill quickly — musical instruments, writing, painting, languages and more

     * ​Your ability to heal illnesses and physical discomfort by “jumping” into an alternate, healthy version of YOU

     * ​How to use lucid dreaming and meditation to overcome obstacles and internal blocks

     * How to receive answers to any questions you have — tapping your quantum intuition for deep guidance and clarifying wisdom​

​During this fascinating hour, you’ll discover techniques for expanding your consciousness into other dimensions, which combine spiritual transmission, depth psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

A master of meditation, hypnotherapy, mind-power techniques and lucid dreaming, Burt Goldman will show you how to exit one reality — with all its limitations — and enter into parallel universes of possibility!​

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Don’t miss your chance to join Burt Goldman to receive his proven process for rapid manifestation and unlocking your true creative genius…

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​A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.