38 Expert Talks to Set You Free of Drugstores

Registration is now open (and FREE tickets available) for Marjory Wildcraft's Home Medicine Summit 2019

Marjory has gathered 38 expert talks that promise to set you free of drugstores by showing you how to be NATURALLY healthy... when you learn to make your own medicine.

The speaker line-up includes big names like: Rosemary Gladstar, Rosalee de la Foret, Donna Gates, Ananta Ripa Ajmera, Bevin Clare, Sajah Popham and Kami McBride, just to name a few.

If this will be your first time attending an online summit, you should know it's a 100% online event that's FREE for you to attend.

And, it kicks off Monday, October 14th. It will run 24 hours a day for 7 full days with 2 encore days.

There will be over 45 hours of video presentations for you to enjoy, covering topics that include:

  • How to improve digestion with Ayurveda
  • Herbal medicine kit for international travellers
  • Healing Lyme disease naturally
  • Introduction to homeopathy
  • 3 things you can do to improve eyesight naturally
  • Heart healthy herbs for circulation
  • 12 steps to sleep like a baby
  • How to make a kidney wrap
  • And that's just the beginning

Even though this event takes place 100% online, so you can watch it all from home...

And, it's completely free for you to attend...

You MUST register + reserve your seat here

Only registered attendees will get the complete schedule, with instructions for watching

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Monday 14th October

  • 15 Herbs To Increase Your Energy And Vitality with Rosemary Gladstar
  • Topical Pain Relief With Herbs with Julie James 
  • Homeopathic First Aid Kit with  Elena Upton

Tuesday 15th October

  • Be Nice To Yer Weeds, They Just Might Save Your Life with Dr. Patrick Jones
  • 12 Steps To Sleep Like A Baby with Kate Hope
  • Going Beyond Organic To Nutrition Grown with Dr. Jana Bogs 
  • How To Improve Digestion With Ayurveda with  Ananta Ripa Ajmera
  • Heart-Healthy Herbs For Circulation with Jennifer Galbraith

Wednesday 16th October

  • Keeping Your Back And Knees Supple And Strong with Mark Albrecht
  • Herbs For Energy: Spoiler-> It’s NOT Adrenal Fatigue! with Lori Valentine Rose, PhD, RH
  • Beyond Elderberry Syrup: Everything You Wanted To Know About Elder But Were Afraid To Ask with John Moody
  • The Poetry Of Rose Medicine with Natasha Clarke
  • Herbs For Liver Health with Sarah Murphy

Thursday 17th October

  • Herbal Medicine Kit For International Travelers with Bevin Clare
  • The Inner Game To Reduce Stress And Anxiety with Dr. Nicola Dehlinger
  • 10 Steps To Start A Kombucha Business with Hannah Crum
  • Healing Lyme Disease Naturally with Brendan Kelly
  • Beautiful Skin From The Inside Out with Mary Blue
  • Celebrating 25 Years of United Plant Savers And Why It Matters to Know Where Your Medicine Comes From! with Susan Leopold

Friday 18th October

  • Holistic Therapeutics For The Respiratory System with Sajah Popham
  • Perfect DIY Design Ideas For Backyard Gardens with Tom Bartels
  • Brain Boosting Herbs with Maria Noel Groves
  • CBD And The Balanced Life with Brian Lytle
  • DIY Healing Of The Nervous System with Sarah Klein
  • Introduction To Homeopathy with Elena Upton

Saturday 19th October

  • An Anti-Viral Protocol: Natural Control Of Influenza, Herpies, Hepatitus A/B/C, Shingles, And Other Viruses with Donna Gates
  • Your Herbal Kitchen with Kami McBride
  • 7 Simple Steps To A Successful Detox with Dr. Nicola Dehlinger
  • When You're Sick As A Dog . . . And You ARE A Dog: Herbal Medicine For Pets with Dr. Patrick Jones
  • How to Make Mineral Rich And Immune Building Herbal Vinegars At Home with Traci Donat
  • Gathering Autumn - Herbs For Support In Fall And Winter with Pamela Spence

Sunday 20th October

  • Why Biodynamically Grown Herbs Make The Highest Potency Medicine with Stephanie Syson
  • 7 Herbal Bitters: Herbs to Heal Your Digestion And Soothe Your Nerves with Rosalee de la Foret
  • How To Make The Ultimate Kidney Wrap with Lynn Gillespie
  • DIY Cannabis Medicine: Oils, Topicals, And Edibles with Stephanie Boucher
  • How To Make Herbal Face Creams, Lotions, And Infused Oils with Shana Lipner
  • The 5 Tastes Of Herbs: An Ancient Methodology For Determining Healing Power with Angie Barger

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