Free Healing Cancer Video Series

Saturday and Sunday night at 8pm EST, Chris will be doing two LIVE Q&As on Facebook.

The Saturday Q&A is for cancer patients and caregivers.

The Sunday Q&A is for prevention-minded folks

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A cancer diagnosis can barrel into to your life like a runaway freight train, with potentially deadly consequences.

One minute you’re at the doctor getting something minor checked out and then the next moment…

​“You have cancer.”

And then your doctor (even though well meaning) bombards you with a whirlwind of treatments you have to do immediately, while your head is still spinning from the diagnosis.​

And your next steps can mean the difference between life or death...​

Chris understands this all too well.​

In December 2003 (just two days before Christmas!), when he was just 26 years old, he was diagnosed with advanced cancer.

It was definitely NOT the Christmas present Chris was expecting, and he was immediately rushed into the cancer treatment system, but a decision he made a few weeks later changed everything and saved his life.​

​He shares that one decision was absolutely the hardest decision he’s ever made… I’ll let Chris tell you in his own words, right HERE

Discover Chris’s powerful journey back to health and learn about how you can start your own healing journey with his amazing free online course. Find out how right HERE It could, quite literally, save your life.​

Each module builds on the previous one. So be ready to take a lot of notes! :)

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