The Global Rising Summit

"Stand Up, Speak Out, Be Seen"

The Global Rising Summit showcases 15 speakers over 15 days, each will be sharing their personal story, life journey, area of expertise, gifts, deep knowing of life and how they support & help others.

They will share their unique truth with the world, bringing heart, passion and uniqueness, along with their truth and awareness of how they see life, who they are and what drives them forward in their mission or area of service to humanity.

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Janine Savient

Co-Host; Founder/CEO Janine Savient 'Messenger for Love' 

Janine stands on the leading edge of thought and awareness. She comes with a message for all humanity and as the 'Messenger for Love' that she knows herself to be, she 

speaks to all humanity through her energy of love and compassion. "It is not our world that needs to change that we may live in love, it is us ourselves that are being invited to change, for it is we that are that love".

Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke

Founder/CEO; Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke

“Heather Ellis Drake is a driving force bringing a new awareness to the world.”

Heather has helped thousands with her own unique insights. Devoted in seeing people 

free from suffering. A recognized thought leader, she helps people unlock their true potential and create profound breakthroughs personally and professionally.

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Keith Mason

Keith’s purpose is to awaken the deep awareness and wisdom of the Heart that lies within us all.

Bringing together energy, consciousness, and quantum physics, Keith believes that our individual and collective way forward is through a greater engagement with the innate wisdom of the Heart...and our becoming comfortable with the metaphysical and spiritual worlds of energy.

His belief in Heart based communication, Personal Growth, and expanded Consciousness as tools to support ongoing personal and societal change, is infectious.

Over the last 22 years Keith has been exploring his internal emotional relationship and how this influences his perceptions and interactions with the wider world. He brings the resultant wisdom and clarity to his presentations, workshops and private clients.

Keith brings a wonderful balance between the practicalities of everyday life and the emotional and energetic aspects that are at the Heart of everyone and everything.

David McLeod

Fighter pilot. Software engineer. Poet. Musician. Father. Student. Teacher.

These roles—and many others—add up to a LOT of life experience, which David D McLeod brings to bear in his capacity as an author, transformational speaker, life-mastery coach, and experiential facilitator.

​With a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences, David shares his wisdom, insights, personal lessons, and expertise in countless ways that help people all over the world to become true Masters of their lives.

Website ~

Linda Woodgate

My Passion

I love to create space for people to grow and understand their journey more easily and effortlessly.

My Joy is in Supporting you to discover your true life’s purpose and how to get there.

To live the life where you love to laugh at your antics, whilst understanding the stories that the mind creates.

To feel in charge of who you are and where you are and feeling good about that.

Feeling the smile go all the way down your body because you have the tools to be happy.

To love all the crazy moods you can come up with and know you have the choice to change them and feel proud of making that happen.

Kaaren Guelfi

A true Master Healer, Alchemist + Shaman Kaaren offers healing guidance + empowerment to her clients. Her gentleness + compassion move people swiftly beyond their own awareness to obtain huge transformational shifts mentally, physically, emotionally + Spiritually.

​Kaaren believes the loss of her 9 year old brother was the beginning of her healing career. At age of 17 she began her career as a registered Nurse.

​Kaaren began her Spiritual journey in 1980. A vision while attending a Planetary Transformational + Leadership program in the Blue Mountains Colorado, USA saw Kaaren + her husband Adrian return to Australia to create Mo-ee-na a powerful + Sacred Healing Retreat on their property SE of Perth Western Australia.

Gary Sinclair

Gary Sinclair is a speaker, author, and leader in Energy Medicine as his latest work leads the way in memory energy healing. His work, Soul Link, is producing 100% results in neutralizing PTSD memories in seconds as his Medical Peer Review shows. Gary is the founder of META, the Memory Energy Therapy Association.

​Gary has personally brought memory healing to over five thousand people and is now certifying practitioners in his patented energy healing techniques. Which includes all types of energy healing therapists including practitioners of: EFT, EMDR, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, NLP and many others modalities.

​His work includes teaching the client to do it on their own all the way to the practitioner completing the neutralizing healing process to worst memories ever and PTSD remotely with 100% success.

​Gary also has a two day program called Restoration that does the same neutralizing to your entire life.

​Gary will share how he came about seeking to develop such trainings 37 years ago. Why today “Soul Link is changing the face of therapy!” along with the details of why it remains 100% success. He will also talk about how to become certified to do this work with others.

Talia Loma

I work as a Spiritual Physicist

​'Physics of the Soul' is a 'Vibrational Philosophy, working with the paradigms of the mind, shifting fear based thoughts/consciousness/lifestyle towards Love and Trust, towards Clarity and Understanding, to assist in stabilising a more vibrant and abundant life. Assisting in a Rejuvenation of SELF EMPOWERMENT an opportunity to discern your own reality with Vibration Awareness. Tapping into the heart/feeling side of the being. Supporting you as you continue to 'Awaken within your Souls Dream' and become a Conscious Dreamer, that your life may flourish with Creative Compassion and Divine Inspiration.

We are all Vibrational Beings focused into form. We are all in the process of becoming, doing the best we can with this the knowledge we have in each moment and without exception, we will learn through our experiences.

'Physics of the Soul works on all levels - physical, metal, emotional, spiritual to assist YOU with YOUR ability to Create and Sustain a Life enhanced with Joy.


Iessaiah (pronounced ee-sai- yah) came in to this world, as one called an "Innocent".

An "Innocent" is one who has little or few lifetimes on this planet. In reality, an "Innocent" has no concept or relationship with the perception of being in "Body".

With the awareness and knowledge of many alternate realities and dimensions all at once, an "Innocent" can tap in to multi-levels of consciousness and plains of reality - of the mind, body and spirit.

Iessaiah was aware at a very early age of her own embodied presence, and the relationship of Light-Body- Matter, as an appearance manifested to create "Love" in the shape of physical form. Her abilities, made her highly sensitive, being able to see the "World's Illusion" as it took shape and form in the mind of men, and observed its creation - as one might relate to as the "Matrix".

As an "Innocent", it has taken a lifetime to integrate and embody the "Art of Appearance" in this plain of existence, oscillating between the many multi- dimensional realities and ultimately embodying "The full Body Awareness" and practice this "Worldly" plain demands.

Iessaiah has embodied the innate abilities as a Healer and Intuitive since childhood. It is her passion and purpose in life.

Sandra Kay

Sandra was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand - the youngest of three girls.

​She has three children and soon to be five grandchildren before the end of this year... joyful times for family!

Married for 27 years before separating when the opportunity for deep healing and growth really began. The last ten years have been a fast track spiritual journey of healing.

At times the roller coaster ride of life has been intense but she continues to embrace the ups and downs with the assisted blessing of a partner that holds the space for her with much love and respect..

Sandra looks fondly upon her journey of joining spiritual groups and learning many healing modalities as a story of her own inner healing process.

At present Sandra is opening the way to allow for the transformation of the property named The Sanctuary. Astounded by the synchronicities of meeting people who have much to offer to assist with this she sees the confirmation that they are on the right track with the love and support of Spirit.

Devahnah Ellandria - Connecting with your Spirit

Author, Artist & Teacher of the Sacred Geometry Fulcrum Point Program, Telepath & Psychic Devahnah Ellandria has 28 years experience of sharing deep insight, love, wisdom & guidance through her private practice, workshops & courses in Australia & New Zealand.

​Devahnah is also deeply connected to the Earth and grew up learning about Earth Healing from the Earth Mother and the Earths Devic Community. She shares this knowledge through Home and Workplace energy clearing, Distant Healing and her Earth Healing Training Courses.

Jacqueline Mitchell

For the whole of my life, there was awareness that we were more than just a physical being journeying through our lives. That the essence of us was underestimated, the value of the journey here amazing, wonderful and incredibly valuable. It has been a journey of self discovery working in companionship with loving Guides, Teachers, Loved ones in Spirit, and the Higher Self.

​I work full time as a Teacher, Medium, and Counsellor. I believe that we are all unique, amazing and we use a small percentage of our Gifts. I believe it is our right to be all we can be, through our Spiritual and Intuitive being in conjunction with the physical experience, and when Spirit asked me to do this work, I agreed for the simple reason that you forgot who you are, how amazing you are, and how much you are truly helped from the Other Side. Helping people to know how loved they are, how supported they are on their journey and helping them to understand themselves and love themselves is part of my journey.

Janette Maree

Who am I?

​I am Janette Maree.

A fierce warrior of life. A truth seeker. A resilient woman who embraces all that I am. I accept my flaws.

I forgive my sins and my past screw ups. I forgive others freely and I move forward in life fearlessly – after all what is there more out there to fear than what I have already walked amongst.

I live with an open heart and what you see is what you get.

I have a story. We all do. Some are incredible. Some are scary. Some are mind blowing – but whatever type of story we have – they are our stories. And this is mine.

Sara Jane

Who is Sara Jane?

Sara is the Master of Voice & Vocal Reiki, the founder of Gift of Healing TV, an International Speaker and Author.

She is based in Bournemouth on the South Coast of England, where she runs her own therapy practise. Sara is a Master Teacher & Practitioner of both Reiki & Vocal Reiki; she also runs workshops to help you connect with your inner child.

Sara draws on her own life experiences and healing journey to support those that attend her practise, courses and workshops.

She comes from a varied background having worked in retail, office and Public House management, as well as insurance.

For more information about Sara Jane and her work see her website

If you would like to read some of the messages from our Mythical Friends & Crystals Dragons:

Patricia Iris Kerins

Patricia Iris Kerins DHP, is a Channel for the Christed Ones, an Author, Singer/Songwriter, Clear Channel for the Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms and Divine Love.

She is also a Spiritual Mentor/Teacher/Coach & Therapist. Patricia has 25 years experience in the mind/body/spirit field and is internationally renowned for her work activating and rebalancing the Divine Feminine energies within women and men. This ignites their inner love power, passion and purpose which liberates their voices and helps them to stand up and speak out. At present, she is specialising in cleansing and clearing the womb of humanity to resurrect this Divine Feminine all creative power so eroded in this day and age.

She is the host of The Patricia Iris Kerins Show on the platform and is a speaker and performer at many conferences and festivals in the UK and US. Her One Woman Show includes her own songs and music as well as spiritual comedy.

Patricia runs Shamanic Magdalene workshops from the womb of her retreat centre at Roundwood House, Nairn, Scotland. This marries her two great loves, her connection to the Mother Earth Goddess and to the Divine Feminine Goddess symbolised by Mary Magdalene.

To find out more about this and her one on one coaching and VIVA LOVE Training please visit her website:

Trish Stuuart

Hi everyone, my name is Trish Stewart. I am a Clairvoyant and enjoy using all the knowledge that I have gained over the years training in the Mind, Body and Spirit arena, combined with the messages I am gifted, to help people understand who they are and their journey.

Your relationships are the doorway to your success. The most important relationship you can have is the one with yourself. I have been teaching and doing one on one consultation’s for over 30 years and am still in awe of what I do. It is very exciting when a client sits with me and we find the age they were and the cause of their distress or unease, we can see the patterns they have that hold them in a repeat cycle and in this moment we are able to commence healing and a new way of being.

Mary Jo Halligan

Mary Jo is a joyful, soulful visionary and new paradigm pioneer whom is passionate about human empowerment, inner transformation, wellness, authenticity, heart-mind centred living and conscious creation of ones preferred life experiences.

Even as a child growing up in Ireland within a often times challenging, disempowering and stressful upbringing she knew that life could be different to the harshness and stresses she experienced and observed around her. At a young age, she had an epiphany one day that life was all about experiences and that everyone had a story. She had a deeper knowingness that one day when she was older that sharing her authentic experiences and stories would help her connect to more people with relatable insights, practical wisdom, empathy and compassion for the human journey via body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Mary Jo feels that her life path has been soulfully guided to experience enlightening pathways to heal, empower and uplift herself so that she would be a way shower and light up the possibilities for others. Today this is exactly what she does by leading transformational wellness retreats, yoga sessions, quantum healing hypnosis (QHHT) and running 40 hr holistic intuitive massage trainings at her Vibrant Living Retreat centre and day spa in Hanmer Springs, New Zealand.

Wellness Retreat ~ Training Academy nz​