11th – 21st September 2017

Global Changemakers Share 11 Paths to Transform Our World

This deep and meaningful program was created after 9/11 by peace visionary Rick Ulfik, summit host and founder of We, The World and the WE Campaign.

There’s no better way to transcend darkness and fear than by highlighting the light and love-filled efforts that are working to bring more unity to our planet…

You are invited to join 11 Days of Global Unity, where you’ll hear from many esteemed thought leaders and trailblazing agents for change — including Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Ralph Nader, Michael Beckwith, Steve Farrell, Nwamaka Agbo, Sande Hart, Robert Thurman, Tiffani Sharp and many more.

Free Online Event
11 Days of Global Unity
September 11-21

During 11 Days of Global Unity, leading changemakers from around the globe will be gathering for this powerful event — sharing a comprehensive blueprint of practical evolution for a peaceful, sustainable, transformed world.

Be among a worldwide community of proactive peacebuilders who are discovering how to BE peace while promoting peace…

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Tune in each day as the amazing speakers discuss and celebrate 11 campaigns for change:

     * September 11 – Unity with Marianne Williamson

     * September 12 – Interdependence with Michael Bernard Beckwith & Steve Farrell

     * September 13 – Environment with H.H. Sheikh Abdul Aziz

     * September 14 – Economic Justice with Nwamaka Agbo

     * September 15 – Health with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee & James Maskell

     * September 16 – Children And Youth with Carlos Palma

     * September 17 – Women with Sande Hart, Despina Namwembe & Tiffani Sharp

     * September 18 – Human Rights with Robert Thurman

     * September 19 – Freedom with Ralph Nader

     * September 20 – Disarmament with Jonathan Granoff

     * September 21 – Peace with Deepak Chopra

You can register to join us for 11 Days of Global Unity — at no charge HERE

Here are just a few highlights from what they’ll be sharing with you:

Deepak Chopra will examine the nature of peace… whether peace is possible amid the widespread polarization in our society, and the connection between individual compassion and health and collective wellbeing and peace.

Marianne Williamson will discuss the importance of unity for America and the world — now more than ever — and she’ll reveal her inspiring spiritual journey from A Course in Miracles to activism and politics.

Ralph Nader will explore current threats to freedom and democracy, concentrations of wealth and power, political polarization and intolerance… and offer various solutions to these challenging issues.

Michael Beckwith and Steve Farrell will consider the social, political and environmental challenges for our completely interdependent world — offering words of wisdom and inspiration around values, ethics and spirit.

Nwamaka Agbo will speak to the catastrophic rising economic inequality, how it’s threatening many aspects of our society, and what we can do about it.

Sande Hart will address the challenges women face around the world, and explore local-to-global solutions for women’s empowerment — including the mission and activities of the Charter For Compassion’s Women and Girls Sector.

Robert Thurman will shed light on the current human rights situation for the people in Tibet… as well as the social and political turmoil in the United States and its implications for Tibet.

Tiffani Sharp will share about exciting and innovative projects in women’s empowerment around the world — including the the hopeful work she’s doing to confront the realities of human trafficking on local and international levels.

Again, this event is free. Simply Register HERE