1-week, online class ~ Learn to replace your most toxic home products

There is SO MUCH confusion about essential oils (even fears!) but replacing the toxic chemicals in your home and life using these all-natural tools CAN BE simple, as well as affordable, all while promoting improved health and happiness!

With all the fear, hype and confusion surrounding essential oils it can be nearly impossible to find a straight answer about safety, benefits and usage. But essential oils don't need to be complicated! Anyone can learn how to use these powerful and approachable tools to enhance their lives and invite more natural solutions into their homes.

NOTE: This is a brand-neutral, educational event; no specific brand of oils will be promoted or sold.

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The Essential Oils Transformation will help you embrace the power of plants!

You'll learn hundreds of practical, everyday uses of essential oils, plus empowering safety guidelines to use them with confidence. Even the most experienced oil users will expand their knowledge and learn something new.

Join in and learn more about essential oils:

  • A quick start guide (including 10 oils to start with now)
  • How to diffuse, ingest, blend or topically apply
  • Tips for safe, effective and confident usage 
  • How oils support every system in your body
  • Applications for many chronic health concerns
  • Oils for hormones, detox, skin, hair, gut health and more
  • Applications in your home for cooking and cleaning (and intimacy!)
  • Transforming moods, anxiety, panic attacks, sadness, energy
  • Advanced applications for our veteran users, and so much more!

Your host, Samantha Lee Wright, is an essential oils expert whose top-rated podcast will soon publish its 200th episode. After all this time, she still finds new applications and topics to discuss because essential oils can help us in so many different ways.

The incredible series of expert speakers she has gathered provide an encyclopedic resource that any oil user -- beginner to expert -- can rely on as a comprehensive resource for accurate and trustworthy information about essential oils.

When you register for The Essential Oils Transformation, you also gain access to Samantha's Ultimate Tox-Free Home Guide!

A Free report on swapping out toxin in your home

From antiperspirants to toilet bowl cleaner, skin care products and "air fresheners," the past few generations have become the guinea pigs of the modern chemical revolution; burdening ourselves with unprecedented amounts of nutrition-lacking foods, lifestyle hazards and chemical compounds that our bodies are simply unequipped to deal with.

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Day 1: OCTOBER 14, 2019

Jordan Schrandt - Quick-Start Guide to Oils

Tiffany Terczak - 10 Extremely Affordable Oils for Beginners

Becky Webb - Top 10 Oils You’ve Never Used

Jennifer Lane - All You Need to Know About Carrier Oils

Johnathan Hunsaker - Not All Oils Are Created Equal

DAY 2: OCTOBER 15, 2019

Jen O'Sullivan - Sorting Fact from Fiction

Jade Shutes, BA, Dipl. AT, Cert. Herbalist - Safe, Internal Usage of Essential Oils

Lindsey Elmore, PharmD, BCPS - Chemistry of Essential Oils

Richard Praytor - Essential Oils Throughout History

DAY 3: OCTOBER 16, 2019

Kyrin Dunston, MD, FACOG - Happy Hormones with Essential Oils

Jonathan Otto - Healing the Root Cause

Jim Bob Haggerton, DC, CCWP - Oils for Every System in Your Body

Jay Davidson, DC, PScD - Oils to Support Detoxification

Todd Watts, DC, PScD - Oils Don’t Heal -- Your Body Does!

DAY 4: OCTOBER 17, 2019

Lucy Libido - Spicing Up the Bedroom, Naturally

Krissy Chin - Detox Your Home with Essential Oils

Heather Irvine - Botanicals for Naturally Radiant Skin

Kate Doubler, RN, BSN, CHHC, AADP - Toxin-Free DIY Cleaning

DAY 5: OCTOBER 18, 2019

Dayna Mott - All-Natural Hair Care

Bethany Shipley - Top Tools for Easy Oiling

Lindsey Dietz - Cooking with Essential Oils

Pamela Hunter - Integrating Oils into Hospitals

DAY 6: OCTOBER 19, 2019

Trudy Scott, CN - Natural Solutions: Anxiety and Panic Attacks

The Oola Guys - Life-Balance Manifested Through Oils

Amy Leigh Mercree - Transform Your Mood

Hallie Danner - Elevate Your Happiness

DAY 7: OCTOBER 20, 2019

Lindsey Meehleis, LM, CPM - Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Birth

Leslie Lewis - Empowering African American Communities

Susan Heid - Naturally Overcoming Autoimmunity

Jodie Meschuk - Saving My Son from Autism

Lee Yen Anderson, CNC, ISHTA CYT, CRTS, LSH - Finding Freedom Through Yoga and Oils

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