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It’s time to decode your genes and stop the misinformation. Your fate is not pre-determined. You are in control of your life and this is where you start

Even if you've attended other genetic trainings, you were probably left with a LOT of questions.

This event is Dr. Ben Lynch's answer to support you and answer your genetic questions on nutrition, mental health, genetic expression, testing (like 23 and Me) and so much more.

No. You are not a victim of circumstance…born with bad genes, destined to die of whatever your family tree has genetically bequeathed you.

No. Your DNA does not change, but the way it is expressed is unique - and it can change throughout your life.

Knowing how to create that change? THAT is vitally important.

Dr. Ben Lynch has gathered dozens of the highest experts together to support this quest in his upcoming Dirty Genes Summit.

FACT: Environmental factors (some of which may surprise you) create memory patterns within your cells, and....

FACT: This can be passed along to future generations. So your choices can help - or harm - your children and grandchildren.​

FACT: YOU are in charge: what you eat, how you live, and the decisions you make can either “dirty” your genes or “clean” them.​

Your genes can be turned off or on. This event will teach:

     * Day 1: How Do Your Genes Impact You?

     * Day 2: Clean Your Genes With Food

     * Day 3: Genes and Your Mental Health

     * Day 4: Altering Your Genetic Expression

     * Day 5: The Building Blocks of Healthy Families

     * Day 6: Understanding How Your Genes Work

     * Day 7: Genetic Testing and How to Clean Up Your Genes for the Long Term

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Learn how to support your good genes and “silence” others.
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