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Why is diabetes STILL being mismanaged?

For Dr. Brian Mowll, diabetes is a professional passion. Early in his medical practice, he saw one person after another suffering with diabetes, and all of them frustrated with the mismanagement of their conditions.

They were taking drugs to manage blood sugar, but their health kept deteriorating.

Dr. Mowll made it his mission to discover the truth about the root causes of type 2 diabetes, and find natural solutions to reverse it, help restore balance and master blood sugar.

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Since 1998, Dr. Mowll has helped thousands of people with diabetes, pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

He has coached thousands of clients by helping them reduce or eliminate medications, lose weight, regain blood sugar control and reverse type 2 diabetes.

So many people have lost hope, tried other approaches and are discouraged and frustrated with their health practitioners.

These very same people, armed with the wisdom from Dr. Mowll and The Diabetes Summit 2018, can learn a functional medicine and personalized, lifestyle-based approach that could result in life-changing results, best-ever HgA1c and other lab readings, achieve weight loss and reach normal blood sugar levels.

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Since 1998, your host of The Diabetes Summit 2018, Dr. Brian Mowll, has helped thousands of people with diabetes, pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

During this summit he’ll share his functional medicine and personalized, lifestyle-based approach to help you regain control of blood sugar, heal complications and health problems and reverse the course of diabetes.

If you’re struggling with metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes, join to learn about:

  • Root causes of diabetes and blood sugar problems
  • Blood sugar and your brain, gut, immune system, heart, hormones and weight
  • Natural solutions to underlying imbalances
  • Emerging research on environmental toxins, EMFs and other factors
  • How to protect your heart, kidneys, eyes, brain and sexual function
  • And more!

Don’t miss this potentially life-changing event, free from April 23-30, 2018!

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The Diabetes Summit 2018 is online and free from April 23-30, 2018!

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